Saturday, May 14, 2011

Your nook color's probably not broken

Welcome to the nookworks. Like the skunkworks. Only not secret. And absolutely, 100% plagiarized from smart people who do research. All I've done is a lot of the repetitive typing they're bored with.

So, while I think your NC isn't broken, it might be sick or not functioning correctly. The little guys seem to be pretty hard to logically hammer. I'm sure if you stepped on yours or folded it up, yes, it can in fact be broken.

Most of what's here, it's turning out is stuff that BN ought to be offering on their own.

Rolling back to firmware 1.1 and locking it, so you don't have to throw out your access point. Undoing the "new" partitioning scheme, so you're able to curate your BN purchases and apps.

I have no relationship with BN other than as a customer and participant on their message board.

My draft of flow for common issues is an early attempt to give folks starting points.

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