Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Draft flow for common issues

OK, one day in the future this stuff will be linked better. But as a first stab, here are some common issues people look for help with with the NC. Many are interrelated.

- my NC won't update

- my NC can't talk to my wireless

- I want to root my NC

- I want to use netflix

- My nook reset itself and I can't connect to my wifi now

- how do I back up my NC?

-BN has remotely reset my NC, what do I do?

- I hate the udpate. BN says I can't roll back. Yes, you can.

- BN sent me a nook with only 1G of room! DeanGibson has a fix for that, written
up here with additional info.

- I hate the cookbook. So do we all. Dean fixed that, too.

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