Monday, May 30, 2011

I hate the cookbook

OK, you hate the cookbook. DeanGibson has your back, and I'm dropping his info into my basic "this is the howto on Clockwork Recovery."

He has modified his original deletion file to now hide the cookbook. This is so that a restore to stock truly works - the old method of deleting files wound up making the onboard restore to stock methods not quite work.

you will need:

- a microSD card
- a copy of the Clockwork Recovery disk image
- a copy of Dean's zip file, from
- a disk imaging tool such as diskimag (or use dd for mac/linux)
- a good zip tool - I recommend 7zip.

Leave Dean's file zipped.

The Clockwork Recovery disk image is available here

Download the file that matches the size of your SD card.

Dean's file is explained below. First, make the card:

Step 1: Make a bootable CWR disk.

Completely unpack the CWR file you downloaded. You must use a file whose name ends in .img. as your source for making the disk. The files I am pointing to for downloading end in .tar.gz, and are essentially "double compressed."

gz = gzip. 7Zip, an excellent cross-platform compression utility, can decompress these, leaving you with a file whose extenion is .tar

.tar = unix tape archive. 7Zip, an excellent cross-platform compression utility, can extract files from these.

Once you've unzipped and untarred the file, you should have an .img file (sized appropriately for your SD card. You will need at least a 256 M card, but I prefer to use larger cards so I can also store backups on them.)

Use an imaging program (diskimag or winimage or dd for mac or linux) to make a bootable SD card by "writing" the .img file to your SD card.

This erases all the data on that card.

The card is analogous to a bootable disk for your PC (remember boot floppies?) The program formats the card and write a very few files to it. Those files tell the Nook Color "you can boot from me. Once booted, run Clockwork Recovery."

After you make the disk, leave it mounted on your computer.

Copy Dean's sample removal zip file onto your CWR card. Leave it zipped!

Safely remove the card from your computer. Power down your Nook Color and insert the CWR card. Power on, and you will boot into Clockwork Recovery, which is controlled using the volume and power buttons to go up and down in menus (volume) or back (power.) An action is chosen using the N button on your NC.

Navigate to "install ZIP from SD Card"

Install Dean's zipfile.

Dean describes it thusly:

This is a really simple, scaled-down version of another script that I use that works, but it is untested. However, it is so simple that anyone with a ZIP viewer can verify the contents of the two relevant files:

  • META-INF/com/google/android/updater-script
  • tools/

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