Saturday, June 4, 2011

Flow for common issues

Here are some common issues people look for help on with their NC. Many are interrelated. My goal is to walk through processes that can help address them. I tend to avoid post-setup configuration. Actually using a device is less interesting to me than breaking it and fixing it, that's just how I roll.

- my NC won't update

- my NC can't talk to my wireless

- I want to root my NC

- I want to use netflix

- My nook reset itself and I can't connect to my wifi now

- how do I back up my NC?

-BN has remotely reset my NC, what do I do?

- I hate the udpate. BN says I can't roll back. BN is mistaken.

- BN sent me a nook with only 1G of room! DeanGibson has a fix for that, written
up here with additional info.

- I hate the cookbook. So do we all. Dean fixed that, too.

- You talk about rooting a lot, but I thought I was rooted on an SD card running Phiremod. What's up with that? By my definition, you're not rooted. Sorry for the confusion.

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